Selling with Integrity

We’re all driven by the bottom line. We feel the pressure to meet budgets, to Generate sales, to beat the competition and to maintain shareholder value. These days buyers are more informed, a bit more worldly and a lot more cynical. The days of the hard sell are over and sales people need to learn how to overcome avoidance, barriers and objections even before they open their mouth. Smart sales people are going to know how to avoid sales violations that can destroy a potential sale. Selling with Integrity has been conducted for the last 17 years throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the United States and the results are consistent regardless of the continent: significant increases in sales and sales staff that are more confident and effectively equipped to deal with your clients.

Rick Prohm gives your sales and management team the skills and techniques to produce outstanding results. His unique approach has helped thousands of sales people generate millions of dollars in additional sales.

Selling with Integrity is a tried and true program that has consistently produced significant and measurable results within 24 hours of attendees completing the program.

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